When family doesn’t support or recognize Home-based Work

One of the saddest experience of a home-based worker is that when your family doesn’t support or recognize your home-based work (online work). The moment you decided to stay at home and work, sometimes you are being looked down upon by your close relatives. This may happen not only to moms, not only to husbands, but to anyone.

How to deal with unsupportive family with your online career.

As you start with your freelancing career or switched to work as a virtual assistant, most of the time it does not provide a decent income initially. It may take sometime before startups land a better employer. It may take months or years in order to build good relationship with clients. It may take a little bit longer get a good paying career.

While this is not the case for all, this is happening everywhere. Whether in the the Philippines or in any other countries. There are few who spent couple of months and had a great deal and contract, but most can’t even land a job after months of searching. Many failed to win or get their first online work resulting to loose of hope.

Common misconceptions to a home-based worker

1. Lazy and not doing anything

It is a home-based work. Not everyone and not so many people especially parents are aware of this job. Chopping keyboards in the evening and sleeping in the morning, This scenario usually happens to a beginner.

Once you decided to start freelancing career, you will feel eagerness and excitement. Resulting to sleepless night and the feeling of tiredness during the day. Once a family member see you like this, the first thought is that you are lazy and not doing anything.

Advice: Soon you will gain from your hard work. Don’t mind them telling you are lazy. Show them your good results.

2. Stay at home means you should do all household chores.

Bringing and picking up kids from school, doing laundry, cleaning the house and running errands from time to time are just few distractions virtual assistant should deal with.

Whether you are a mom, or dad or the oldest child, you still need to learn to manage your time properly. If it’s time for work, then it is work. You need to tell your family politely that what you are doing is important and they cannot just tell you to do things from time to time.

Advice: If you need to do household task, make sure it does not affect your time of work. You can help household early in the morning, or after your work in the afternoon.

3. Home-based / Virtual Assistant is not a real job and will not provide you decent income.

Why not find a corporate career? Why not apply in a corporate world? Why not apply to government offices, or serve the BFP, BJMP or PNP?

Sige ka, baka magsisi ka? Mayroon akong kakilala na self-employed. Graduate ng Engineering pero nagsisisi bakit hindi siya nagpursue ng career line niya…

-concern relative

You might regret it. I knew someone – an Engineering graduate and is now self-employed and is full of regret not pursuing his career.

– concern relative

These are mostly heard not only from family, close relatives but also from close friends. They are just concerned for your future. They just wanted you to have a better life. It might be because they could not see your vision as a home-based worker. They worry about your sacrifices giving so much time, day and night to improve your skills.

Advice: Sometimes you might feel they are against you. But think of it that they are just concern with your future. If you believed that home-based job is great, prove it to them.

4. Home-based worker has a lot of free time

Since you are at home, friends come and drop by to your house. Friends would ask favor to accompany them with some task. Friends come to your house and do chit-chats. Friends come and believe it or not, it is a form of distraction.

There are lot of things to learn specially when you are a rookie. And the more you learn, the more you will realize how much you do not know.

Yes, this is real and happening. Until they understand your time is precious, they will keep coming to your house. They need to know that you shouldn’t be distracted during your working hours.

Advice: Learn to say “NO” to unexpected visitors. Set it on other time.

Some other words.

Many of our friends, family members are not aware the opportunities working online from home. Since most of us were taught in school to study hard, gain achievements, find jobs and apply to the corporate world.

Home-based work may sound unusual for other people. But believe it or not, there are lot who benefits from this kind of job.

“They” maybe unsupportive because they do not know it yet, they might not understand it until you are earning a decently. Most people define success by the money we earn.

Many of us experienced struggles and difficulties as we start. It is you who will dictate your future in online career. What ever you think you can, you can.

“Stay hungry. Stay foolish”

– Steeve Jobs

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