Remote work is not for everyone, at least except for me… and you (maybe…) because you are reading my article right now. And maybe you will watch the video in this post because you want to apply for remote work.

In this video, you can see how to apply for remote work without paying subscription on using google search.

And maybe you now thinking to find telecommute job, since you do not want commute every, you want to avoid rush on the bus and train. Since you fear the latest 2019-nCov Novel Coronavirus. For many other reasons, you wanted to find a remote work.

There are many websites and agencies out there where you can find and apply for remote work or job, but you need to be aware there are lots of scammy remote/telecommute job posts.

While searching for remote job opportunities, I stumbled on And I believe it is a great website. You can find lots of telecommute job listings. It is easy to sign-up for a free account. While logged in, you can easily apply to their free jobs section. If you look at the screenshot below, the button with yellow star can show you the list off free jobs.

How to find and apply for remote work at Virtual Vocations without paying subscriptions.

But there are telecommute job listings that require you to sign-up for subscription in able to apply for the job. Take note, you are not paying to get the job. You are paying for the curation by VirtualVocation to save time and energy when applying.

But what if you do not want to pay for subscription, or you do not have money to pay for it, but you wanted to apply for the job post at VirtualVocations?

How to apply on VirtualVocations paid listings without paying for subscription?

Since I still have some time to do my digging, I found a way on how to apply for the paid listings without paying membership subscription. This is a very simple hack and so easy to do. With this method, you can easily find out the company or the person who posted the said job. You can apply directly to them. When I found this trick, I thought VirtualVocations is so kind. Maybe this is intentionally done for them to be able to help people find remote work (if you are eager to find remote job and does not have money to pay for their subscription).

You only need your mouse, right-click and search. Sounds easy? Yes it is so easy. You can see how I did it in my video. Highlight the job post description, right-click, and click on “Search Google for…”. A new tab will open, and google will find it for you and show you the results.

From Google result, you can easily identify which it is, or where it was originally posted. Click on the link (Google search results), and now your on your way applying for the remote/telecommute job.

This technique can also be used if you want to check duplicate content. Just like the saying goes, “Make Google your best friend.”

But if you are so busy and yet looking for new opportunities, and you want to save time and energy, we encourage you to become Virtual Vocations premium member. You pay for a little, but get a lot of privileges.

Find and apply for remote work.

You may want to read this article “Tiring Contractual Job Online.” This is one of the reasons why I tend to search for more telecommuting opportunities.


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