Chapter One – In The Beginning : Line 3
WordPress Ninja

Searching for job, creating and updating resumes, writing letter of application is really really time consuming. Since I am not a native English speaker, I found it hard and took so much of my time applying for online work. 

The usual or normal hourly rate given to a freelancer like me, living in the Philippines is 3USD – 5USD. I saw many freelancer profile with better hourly rate in Upwork. But I started to believed that 25-50 USD offer from Upwork is very rare and requires adavance skill for a website developer. I also think that employers based their stuff’s rate based on the country they are living.

In my analysis, many Upwork Client’s are individual startups. These clients want to have their own blogs for personal use hoping and thinking for a passive income. Since they are just start up, the budget is really limited.

Since I wanted to learn more in developing websites with WordPress, I need to find at least a long term online job. A job that will give me stable and decent income so I can continue learning and WordPress.

Insist to Find Better Employer

In Upwork, I only apply to jobs to the company with a good review and spent at least 30K USD. I used this as basis to conclude that the company is stable. Luckily I found what I seek for. I worked for a Web Dev company based in Canada. I used to build websites using Genesis + Dynamik child theme from PSD file. During this time, I was able to launch 100+ WordPress websites, mostly used for blogging. The website’s are intended for different clients. Aside from a regular project, I was able to develop a good relationship with old clients and from time to time, they contact me small and quick task.

While learning WP, I also learned about e-Commerce. This led me to learn other CMS platform such as Magento, Drupal and BigCommerce. My curiosity of learning codes gave me such happiness. I don’t have certificates, formal training and did not took any formal education in website development. I spent a lot of time and overnights researching and reading online tutorials.

WordPress Ninja

I found it hard gaining deep knowledge in different CMS platform. Then I decided to focus primarily in WordPress. It’s my pleasure that one of my client called me a “WordPress Ninja”. Maybe due to experiences and a lot of working hours building and managing WP websites, I am able to give a fast turn around time.

Here I Go Again

As time passes by, I got tired of doing extra small task because I told me myself I should be working for clients up to 40 hours only so I can have more time learning and build my own blog that can provide a passive income.

So I search for a new online job with a higher hourly rate.

I consider myself as lucky and blessed for I was able to get a better job and I consider it the Best Employer I ever had.  

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In 2010, Michael started his online career. With no formal education and training in Website Design and Development, his passion drives him to learn more using free online resources.

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