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Can Undergraduate Get Online Job?

So what if you are an undergraduate! In today’s world, we can earn more and have a decent income. Making money online is really possible. And since you are reading this, for sure you got access to the internet. And internet is land of big opportunities.

And while you are reading this, for sure you already seen different articles on how to get online job.

Today, it is really easier to earn money than before. We just need to keep on learning. This does not mean that you have to dive-in in every opportunities showed to you. There is nothing wrong listening to what other say. In fact, we learn not just from our experiences but also from others’.

I Do Not Want to Hear Network Marketing Pitches

Netizens are already burned-out with the Network Marketing pitches. How many times have you seen a post on Facebook about Getting Rich, Millionaire’s Mind, Secret to Success, 7-figure income blah blah blah. Well, this all are real. BUT it is NOT EASY. Because if it is, everyone who do MLM (Networking) should be rich. They say that only 2% of “Networkers” really make big money.

The Captcha Job

Probably, you also saw some ‘Typing Job” and make money easily. Some of these might be typing captcha. We tried this captcha stuff but we realized that the earning potential is really low and is really really boring. We spent almost two hours with this typing job and we had 0.4USD in the wallet. And to earn big, you need to keep on repeating what you are doing. This should good for beginners as a learning material. But we would not recommend it to have a better income.

Freelance Writing & Editing

Freelance writing and editing is a better option. If you have a good grammar and even an average writing skills, you can start applying for an article writer job or proofreading. Hourly rate is 3 to 5 USD to start. With freelance jobs, you would mostly find a startup individual looking for virtual assistant. We met a lot of Filipino freelancers who do article writing and at the same time, managing social media channels and website content.

Publishing Video in Facebook and Youtube

This may sound good and easy. Sharing videos in Facebook and Youtube is such a simple task. However, If you want to monetize you video, you need to pass certain requirements. Like for example, you need at least 30,000 followers, Your last videos in the past months are are being watched by 100,000 people at least. I am not sure about the exact requirements because I have not done this yet. Not yet, but soon. Once I have the idea, I will be so happy to share it here. 

As far as I know, in able to get videos engagement, we need to entertain and or educate and or inspire the viewers.

Be a Virtual Assistant

Working as a Virtual Assistant “VA” is mostly done remotely. You can be an employee where as you apply for a job and you get hired or you can be a VA bidding for projects. As for me I am a full-time freelancer and working for a company based in Australia. If I have spare time, I can work on small WordPress projects and task.

Where to find VA jobs?

Here the top 3 Websites for us where Filipinos can find reliable VA jobs.

  1. eCommerce University
  2. Remote Staff
  3. Upwork

Making Money Online is NOT as Easy as WHAT Self-Proclaimed Gurus Are Telling You.

Making money online needs a lot of patience. One should be willing to follow the learning curve. Spend time reading and researching. Real and legitimate “make money online” is not an instant job and is not an overnight success. If you are looking for extra cash instantly, online job is not the right thing for you. If you are looking for instant cash, I think you are you looking for “gambling sites”.

So you have to decide. Stalk someone on Facebook, see how an online worker makes money online through their post. Watch a lot of Youtube movies or read and visit websites that offers education about the use of internet. Watching screencast or video tutorials is just like reading a history book. You learn from history, you learn from what other’s share.


In 2010, Michael started his online career. With no formal education and training in Website Design and Development, his passion drives him to learn more using free online resources.

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