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Optimise productivity and performance of your appliance repair business

Running an appliance repair business means you're always on the go. Start using optimised routes with real time GPS tracking to scale your daily operations.

Simple, Scalable Retail Delivery

Turn your retail store deliveries into an automated customer experience. Locate2u helps you to improve delivery efficiency form order creation to delivery completion.

Boking management system
Booking management system
API intergration
API integration
Route optimisation
Route optimisation
Real time tracking
Real time tracking
Proof of delivery
Proof of delivery

Creative Delivery Runs In Less Than 5 Minutes

Locate2u makes it easy to create, track, and manage medical and pharmacy delivery runs:

Step 1

Dowload Locate2u on any iPhone or Android device

Step 2

Fill out your profile and upload a company logo

Step 3

Add new patient in the booking system

Step 4

Use the driver app to manage your drivers.

Step 5

Give drivers optimised routes to a patient's address

Step 6

Monitor drivers with GPS tracking real time

Step 7

Send patients a tracking link with reliable ETAs

Step 8

Capture signatures and photo proof of ID

Step 9

Maintain a record of all delivery run

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