Find Image Using “Google Search for Image”

Many people are using the current situation, Corona Virus outbreak. There are people spreading false news to get more views and engagement for their blog posts. Using “Search Google for Image” is a technique that can be used to validate pictures and images.

They are using not related images just to get attention of the audience. As you know, the more people view your blog and watch your video, the more chance you can monetize.

One problem is due to lack of knowledge, many people instantly believe a false news. The video above will show you how to identify if an image/picture used is related to what they are saying in their blog post.

Luckily, we have “Google Search for Image” feature. And it is available in Google Chrome browser. Using this feature, you will be able to find

  • Similar pictures/images
  • The website, blog post, social media links that contain similar images/pictures
  • And other image sizes that can be crawled

Alternatively, you can use your Android phone for a reverse image search. Open your browser on your mobile phone and find related images with reverse image search

Reverse Image Search
Screenshot from Google Image Search

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