Chapter One – In the beginning
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I believe in God.

I believe in prayers.

While I was seeking for the Best Employer I could ever had, I never failed to pray. It is my faith that I can only be successful in my online work only if God the Father will help me.

I kept searching in Upwork for new job. I was looking for more stable working hours and and earn decently. I kept searching everyday. I applied to many job post – at least 10 application per day. I customize each application letter depending on the job role. I answered all employer’s follow-up questions. But there was one job role which seems to be urgent. After the follow-up chat message, I was interviewed through phone call. And guess what, the interviewer was a Filipino.

McKinnon Group
Most of my Pinoy co-workers are living in CDO. I think I am the only one from Luzon,. Since I am not able to be with my coworkers physically, I asked my wife to get a t-shirt for us with our Company’s Logo. Picture uploaded to Facebook on May 17, 2016

Most Question Asked During the Initial Interview

  1. How long have you been working online?
  2. What is your Education Backgroud?
  3. What working equipments do you have?
  4. Do you have separate room for work
  5. Do you have good working environment?

On the next day, I talked to the company’s CEO. She did not asked me so much instead made a short introduction about the company. I talked to many clients before. And really don’t just trust whatever clients tell me. I used the word “client” for her initially because that’s what I got used to. Whenever I work for someone’s project, I call them my clients.

I have no personal paid domain and hosting during that time so it was hard for me to prove that I can develop WordPress website. But I got an excellent feedback in Upwork and I already have thousands of hours worked. My client’s feedback was really helpful.

The CEO is so kind that I was given a 10-hour paid trial job. Since I already had a lot of WP projects, I felt that tasks assigned to me was so easy. I requested for additional 10 hours work per week and it was granted. After some time, I requested another 10hours per week and I was given the chance. It was not my intention to work 40 hours per week in the same company.

Do you know why?

Read my next post why I don’t like to work 40 hours per week in the same company.


In 2010, Michael started his online career. With no formal education and training in Website Design and Development, his passion drives him to learn more using free online resources.

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