Chapter One – In the beginning
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Having an online work is my dream. I was not so aware about this but then one time I remembered during my college days, I thought of this career. I believe it is possible to really work from home.

It was a frustration when I cannot win an online job. How come others can work remotely and how come I cannot. After three (3) months of searching for job, I then came up for a solution. And yes, I got my first online job.

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I build WordPress websites. My work with Upwork is per project basis. Usually, project will run from 1 week to 3 months. It is good if you know how long your project will take so you can have an idea how much you will earn in the next weeks. However, if the project stopped without advance notice, financial support is so much affected.

At start, aside from my online work, I am doing some labor jobs and some other work to earn more because I have a family to support. I remember the time when my wife almost asked me to give up online work. Tho she did not tell that directly, as a husband I can feel her. Some of my closest friends encrouged me why not work overseas. I knew they are just concerned about us. But I said I have my reason.

One of my online work problem before.

In my freelancing career with a low hourly rate, I do not have enough savings in case a sudden stop on project. I needed to find another project as soon. There were months that I got no project. I kept on searching and applying for work and it used to take me 2 weeks to 1 month to get a new job. So in able for me to overcome this issue, I worked for mulpitle clients.

I decided to work online full-time. I was working 40-60 hours per week in able to get the earning I wanted. It was really so tiring and stressfull. But I needed to do it. I considered it as my investment and path to the learning curve. And I would admit that there were times that I worked for different clients at the same time using different computers. Yes, since it is an hourly rate, it is considered as cheating. But I need to do it since it is a low paying job.

During this time, my big question is how to earn decently?

I was so eager to find a stable and decent earning. Sometimes I felt like I was trapped. And I told myself I don’t want to be trapped permanently in this situation. I kept thinking, this is only for now. I can fix this problem soon.

I raised my hourly rate and I was lucky I won a project. But as usual, the problem remain. After project is completed, what’s next?


In 2010, Michael started his online career. With no formal education and training in Website Design and Development, his passion drives him to learn more using free online resources.

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